Career Opportunities


Become an Independent Contracted Travel Agent as a part of Taste of Heaven Travel, travel or cruise the world with your potential clients; and enjoy financial independence! Create your own hosted Vacations, excursions, group tours, family re-unions, crab feast, camping trips, amusement park events and various social events. This is a great opportunity for financial freedom. All you need is a little time to invest in yourself for what ever goal you set.

The tools you will need are listed below:


    The use of a computer /laptop with Online access
    Time to invest in your goals
    Bullet Willing to learn and educated yourself is extremely important
    Bullet Transportation to enable you to reach your clients if you choose to
    Bullet A must have: up beat personality and positive attitude
    Bullet Financial freedom (earning unlimited income)
    Bullet A desire to travel and have fun

The best part is having the comforts of working from your own home.


If interested please download our PDF.